Renewal Instructions

Licenses expire on December 31st of the year of issue. A license renewal notice is mailed to each licensed dentist and dental hygienist at their last address of record approximately sixty (60) days prior to December 31st. The renewal application must be post-marked by December 31st to be considered without a late fee.  When the renewal application is approved, the license is renewed for one (1) calendar year. The renewed licensee will will receive new pocket ID cards and a receipt for the renewal fee.

Please note all licenses must be renewed by December 31 of each year in order to continue to practice in the state. If your license is not renewed by December 31, YOU MAY NOT PRACTICE IN WYOMING. 


It has come to our attention that there is conflicting fee information on the instruction page of the Hygiene renewal application. 

Please note that the renewal fee for hygienists is $95.00. 

Renewal Applications

The Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners will no longer be using the online system from previous years.  Until a new renewal system is in place, licensees must submit paper renewal forms.  

When you submit a paper renewal form, you must pay with a personal or business check, cashier's check, or money order. We do not accept credit or debit cards.  If you hold a current sedation permit, you must renew both your Dental license AND your sedation permit.

Please Note: Pre-printed Renewal Applications for the 2017 renewal were mailed on 10/14/16. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is required to submit a copy of their CPR card?

A. Dentists and Hygienists are required to submit a copy of their current CPR card. Dental Assistants are not required to submit a copy of their CPR card. 

Q. Who do I make my check payable to? 

A. Checks are payable to the State of Wyoming or the Board of Dental Examiners. 

Q. What documents do I need to submit if I've changed my name? 

A. Acceptable documentation shall be a copy of a marriage certificate or divorce decree issued by a government entity. A driver's license is not acceptable documentation of a legal name change. 

Q. What is the additional fee for renewing expanded functions on a hygiene license? 

A. There is no additional fee for renewing expanded functions. 

Q. How do I show documentation of the 50 sedation cases for my sedation permit? 

A. We are currently obtaining clarification and will update the website as more information becomes available. 

The Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, a division of A&I.