Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners

Important Notes

Practice in Wyoming

  • No person may practice as a Dentist or Dental Hygienist in the State of Wyoming without first obtaining a license from the Board.
  • No dental assistant may take and expose radiographs or place pit and fissure sealants without first obtaining a permit from the Board.

Applying for Licensure

  • The Board office will not communicate with any individual except for the applicant regarding the status of any application.
  • The Board will NOT accept cash.
  • Regardless of the date your license or permit is issued, all licenses and permits WILL expire December 31 of the year issued - even if it is issued December 30. Please plan accordingly.
  • The Board does not provide the education or training needed to obtain a radiograph permit. Many applicants confuse the Board with the Wyoming Dental Association who does provide radiograph training. Their contact is wyodental@gmail.com. This is not the only training or education the Board accepts.

Assistant Application Forms

Dental Assistants do not need a Wyoming license to practice as a dental assistant in the state. However, they do require a permit to take x-rays and place pit and fissure sealants. Those applications are below.

Approved Courses

Radiograph Permit Application

Pit and Fissure Permit Application