Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners

Newly installed machines do not require an inspection until five (5) years following the date of installation. If a machine was newly installed, please forward the installation paperwork with your name and office address to the Board office to receive your inspection stickers.

Click a link below and print the form you need. These are not editable or fillable. You must open and print.

Dental X-Ray Inspection Application

To apply to the Board to inspect dental x-ray machines

List of Approved X-Ray Inspectors

Listing of pre-approved x-ray machine inspectors

X-Ray Machine Inspection Report

Template of information approved inspectors must provide to the Board Office

Waiver Requests to the Inspection Requirement

If your x-ray inspections are due this year, and you cannot find an inspector to travel during the pandemic, please complete the Waiver Request Form for the Board to consider granting you a waiver to this requirement.

If you have already received a waiver, but are still unable to obtain the required inspections, you may request a second waiver. Please complete the Waiver Request Form and clearly detail why your machine(s) weren't inspected in the preceding six (6) months and what your plans are to complete this requirement in the subsequent six (6) months. The Board may only grant up to two (2) waivers to this requirement.