Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners

Who Must Be Licensed?


"Dentistry" means the healing art practiced by a dentist which is concerned with the examination, diagnosis, treatment, planning and care of conditions within the human oral cavity and its adjacent tissues and structures;

Additional information can be found in W.S. 33-15-114. "Persons deemed to be practicing dentistry; work authorizations from licensed dentist."


"Dental hygienist" means a person who is supervised by a dentist and is licensed to render the educational, preventive and therapeutic dental services defined in this act, as well as any extraoral procedure required in the practice of a dental hygienist's duties;

Permitting of Dental Assistants:

The Board also requires a permit for dental assistants that take and expose radiographs as well as dental assistants that place pit and fissure sealants.

The Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners is a Practice Act and Title Protection state. This means that persons must be licensed by the Board in order to provide the services defined herein. It also means that only persons licensed or certified by the Board may identify themselves with the titles restricted. Of course, as with most laws, there are exemptions. Those can be found in the Board's Practice Act in W.S. 33-15-114.