Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners

New Inspection Changes

Pursuant to the Board Rules signed into effect on January 14, 2022, the Board Office is no longer monitoring x-ray machine inspections and issuing stickers. Licensees will be required to ensure machines are inspected as required below. Licensees should coordinate with their inspectors regarding evidence of inspections.

Detailed changes can be found in Chapter 4, Section 5 of the Board Rules.

Who Can Inspect?

Chapter 4, Section 5 of the Rules require:

(a) Inspectors. Any individual who performs x-ray machine assembly, installation or service shall meet the following educational and experience requirements:

(i) Completion of a structured educational program that includes training in radiation machine safety, assembly, installation and service, including, but not limited to:

(A) A baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering with specialized training in radiation producing devices;

(B) A one-year associate degree in biomedical equipment repair;

(C) Equivalent manufacturer, military or other technical school training; and

(ii) At least six (6) months of supervised, documented training on inspection and calibration of the applicable x-ray machine.

You can find the listing of inspectors approved by the Board prior to this rules change. Going forward, inspectors no longer need to apply to the Board to be an approved inspector. Instead, licensees shall ensure their inspectors are aware of and meet these requirements.

How Frequently Are Inspections Required?

Chapter 4, Section 5 of the Rules require "Inspections of x-ray equipment shall be conducted in accordance with relevant national standards. All machines shall be inspected at the time of installation and thereafter every five (5) years for x-ray machines and every three (3) years for computed tomography machines."

Licensees shall ensure their x-ray machines are inspected at the time of installation and every five (5) years.

Licensees shall ensure their computed tomography machines are inspected at the time of installation and every three (3) years.

Waiver Requests to the Inspection Requirement

Chapter 4, Section 5 of the Rules state "Licensees may be granted a six (6) month waiver to the inspection requirement at the discretion of the Board."

The intent of a waiver is for extraordinary circumstances, such as when inspectors refuse to travel due to a pandemic. It is not intended to be used because a licensee forgot or neglected their obligation for compliance.

To request the Board consider a 6 month waiver to this requirement, please complete the Waiver Request Form. You must clearly detail why your machine(s) weren't inspected in the time frame required and what your plans are to complete this requirement in the subsequent six (6) months.

Compliance Documentation

Chapter 4, Section 5 of the Rules require:

(d) Compliance and Documentation. Failure to abide with the requirements of this section shall be considered "unprofessional conduct" within the meaning of Chapter 9 and shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action by the Board.

(i) Inspector should provide evidence for dentists to place on machines indicating the last inspection date and next inspection due date.

(ii) Evidence of compliance to the Board is not required unless specifically requested.

Important take-aways here:

  • Inspectors must provide evidence to licensees of their inspection

  • Licensees must retain this evidence themselves.

  • No more inspection reports are required to be sent to the Board Office unless specifically requested! As such, the Board office will no longer issue inspection stickers to remind licensees!

  • If you do not comply with these new requirements, it will constitute grounds for disciplinary action.